Hello I’m Marta.

I work with couples, individuals, groups, and families in a focusing-informed and embodied way, in person in the West of Ireland, and online.

I hold trainings in-person and online in Ireland. Spain and Turkey, teaching Focusing and Nonviolent Communication, Meditation and Nature Connection.

My approach is rooted in somatic body-oriented work ( Focusing ), nature connection and humanistic approaches, meaning that: I focus on the experiences that are most relevant for you at this point in your life, in a respectful, non-judgemental and nourising space, with active support to your experience in the present moment.

During our time together my core principle is to create a space that is safe and welcoming and that our relationship is at the core of our work together. I aim to offer the person a space where they can experience their authenticity and diversity and support them to discover their unique solutions and ways to find them. Improving their relationship with themselves & people around them.

My interest in emotional well-being, health and compassionate relating keeps informing me of my next steps in training and personal development. I have learned over the years from Marshall Rosenberg’s work (NVC and Conflict), Eugene Gendlin (The philosophy of the implicit and focusing-related research), Daniel Siegel (neuroscience), Claudio Naranjo (The eneagram and introductory training in SAT program), Peter Levine (trauma and somatic accompaniment), Thomas Hubl (Collective Trauma), Stephen Porgues (Polyvagal Theory), Bert Hellinger (systemic family system).

I can support you to discover what is possible to repair a relationship and improve how you feel, and how to move forward with different situations and events that require attention and space.

If you are curious or have any questions and would like to find out if we are a good fit, call me or email me today.

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All my learning at your service

I am a Social and Cultural Mediator, I hold an MA in Mediation and a Dip in Community Development, studied Theatre of the Oppressed facilitation with NUIG (University of Galway, Ireland). I am a certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer from the Centre of Nonviolent Communication, International Focusing Coordinator and Practitioner from the British Focusing Association and Focusing Trainer from The International Focusing Institute in New York. 

I am a Zen practitioner from the Ordinary Mind Zen School of which I am an active member and hold a personal active practice.

Over the years I have had an enormous curiosity and interest in the relationship between the emotional and historical experience of the person and their physical health and how they are interlinked and still affect the person in the present moment.

While living in Ecuador 20 years ago I did a 5-month apprenticeship with an indigenous Shaman while working with indigenous women in conflict resolution and a municipal women’s leadership program.
I am a shamanic practitioner, I completed a 5-year apprenticeship training in shamanic herbal healing practice from the Navaho and Celtic traditions with Carole Guyett in the West of Ireland (Way of the Wise Healer Apprenticeship). This was a blend between plant communication and materia medica.

My interest in herbal medicine and nature brought me to take a further step into clinical & medical herbalism a few years later with The Plant Medicine School in Ireland.