Focusing Retreat in Turkey – May 2024

THE PATH OF THE SENSING BEING   May 16th – May 19th,  2024 –  Olympos Village House / Antalya South Turkey SENSED ECOLOGY RETREAT – AN INITIATION TO FOCUSING IN NATURE The Path of the Sensing Being Retreat will be combining the process of Focusing and Contemplative Presence Practice in nature. This retreat invites a […]

Focusing Skills year long course – September 2024 – 2025

LET YOUR BODY WISDOM GUIDE YOUR STEPS Next Group starting – Monday and Wednesday second week of September 2024 British Focusing Association (BFA) Certifed – 8 participants only in each group What do you do when you want to let go of something in you, but it is not ready to let go of you!? […]

Sensed Ecology

Recovering the green breath as nature beingsby Marta Fabregat I was fortunate to give my first presentation on Sensed Ecology at this year’s Felt Sense Conference. Sensed Ecology is a term that is in emerging evolution and continues to be evolving in its philosophical findings, which I found fun to start sharing something that I am […]

Friendly Listening – Part 1

The beginning of this article is inspired by a conversation with a friend sharing implied knowing, invisible smiles, and time without a chronometer. This friend told me…”I have friends who are in the club who tell me to do this…and to do it now, and I have other friends who are in the club that […]

Focusing Professional Training – 2024

Focusing Professional Trainingwith Marta Fabregat. Focusing Coordinator Professional & Teacher  Commencing September The International Focusing Institute ”If there is something hauntingly beautiful or impressive in your dream, just honour it, respect it, recall it, sense it with your body. More will come ” Eugene Gendlin Intention of the programme  I can support you on your […]