Sensed Ecology

Recovering the green breath as nature beingsby Marta Fabregat I was fortunate to give my first presentation on Sensed Ecology at this year’s Felt Sense Conference. Sensed Ecology is a term that is in emerging evolution and continues to be evolving in its philosophical findings, which I found fun to start sharing something that I am … Read more

Friendly Listening – Part 1

The beginning of this article is inspired by a conversation with a friend sharing implied knowing, invisible smiles, and time without a chronometer. This friend told me…”I have friends who are in the club who tell me to do this…and to do it now, and I have other friends who are in the club that … Read more

Focusing Retreat in Tenerife May 2023

INTERNATIONAL RETREAT – SPANISH AND ENGLISH THE PATH OF THE SENTIENT BEING – Presence – Accompaniment – ​​Resonance – Trust The path of the sentient being combines the Focusing process and Contemplative Presence Practice, this retreat invites a way of living from embodied Presence, going back to remember our true nature.This retreat is open to … Read more