Sensed Ecology

Recovering the green breath as nature beingsby Marta Fabregat I was fortunate to give my first presentation on Sensed Ecology at this year’s Felt Sense Conference. Sensed Ecology is a term that is in emerging evolution and continues to be evolving in its philosophical findings, which I found fun to start sharing something that I am […]

Friendly Listening – Part 1

The beginning of this article is inspired by a conversation with a friend sharing implied knowing, invisible smiles, and time without a chronometer. This friend told me…”I have friends who are in the club who tell me to do this…and to do it now, and I have other friends who are in the club that […]

shame and how to notice how it lives in me

Accompanying Shame in our everyday life is not an easy task. Shame lives within the edges of our experience. Most of the time is there somewhere in between me and something else that thinks and lives my experience from an idea of how I am. The reality is that shame is a process, not a […]

Inner Relationship: from feelings to the felt sense

One of the most important contributions of Marshall Rosenberg’s work on Nonviolent Communication is the realization that our feelings are merely indicators, letting us know when our Life-Needs are being met, and when they are unmet.Eugene Gendlin from all his work on Focusing and the Implicit intricacy brings a new characteristic to the world of […]