Embodied Origin Accompaniment is the name that I have given to the work I offer. This is based on 4 main principles that support and have informed my practice: Focusing, Mindfulness & Zen meditation practice, Nonviolent Communication, and ecotherapeutic plant healing accompaminment.

Embodied Origin Accompaniment is a profound and
delicate way of being with a person or group.


It is a whole body experience where the body is involved and accompanied to find its own forward healing.


There is an intrinsic trust in the person ́s own knowing for their own personal healing and wellness.


There is a compassionate accompaniment and presence created as a whole, where movement and change can happen in its own time and to its own rhythm.


The person learns these tools and ways of being with themselves from the start of the process.

One to one sessions (EOA)

These sessions are supportive of healing and deep understanding of what wants to be known within you. You will be able to integrate and gather your resources for towards your own well-being. You will conduct the rhythm that works for you and your experience. Focusing is very supportive if you are experiencing stress, or you find yourself overwhelmed or with difficult stuck feelings and need to find more space and ease. It can be very helpful if you are looking at making important decisions or to discover ways to move forward with blocked live situations, relationships, projects, or even creativity in your profession or your creative purpose.

It is often used for brain-body conditions, fatigue, pain, addictive and obsessive behaviour, anxiety and fears. This approach to accompanying your experience offers tools to find new ways of relating and interacting with critical voices and dreams, even difficult ones. We go at your pace and at a distance that makes your process effective and safe. You would be surprised how easy it can be to listen to your body when you create the space for it. Even if this is the first time for you.

I will be by your side accompanying you from a place of supportive and respectful attending.

Young People Accompaniment

Working with young people is very rewarding for me. You are the generation that will be left after I am gone. That is why it is an honor for me to be involved. I have deep respect for you and your process of becoming more who you truly are.

Somehow, somewhere along the way we have become distracted and we find ourselves as young people not knowing for ourselves what to do and how to be, and the messages we receive through social media, advertisements, our religious structures and government and our own family culture can be oppressive rather than helpful.

We may also have experienced events throughout our childhood that left us feeling confused and often overwhelmed. Not knowing how to move on from there, how to release those sensations and feelings inside of us or how to live with what happened.

Adolescence accompaniment is a process of self-care, self-awareness, and inner resourcing.

What can you expect in a one-to-one accompaniment session?

Each session is different and is co-created by you and what your body knows. I am there by your side keeping company with how you are with your experience and how your body is guiding you. A deeply respectful and gentle approach that nurtures and acknowledges your experience. So it can find its right way of being.

That truly can only come from you, because your body knows how to move forward if you give it space in safety and companionship to return to its original knowing, a wisdom that was lying there all along.

We can set up 15 minute free call to meet and sense whether this is what you are looking for.

I would be happy to be with you and share a bit more about me and my work.
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