Focusing Retreat in Turkey – May 2024



May 16th – May 19th,  2024 Olympos Village House / Antalya South Turkey


The Path of the Sensing Being Retreat will be combining the process of Focusing and Contemplative Presence Practice in nature. This retreat invites a sense of living from an embodied sense of Presence. Coming back to remembering our true most natural and simple nature in community.

The retreat is open to all levels of Focusing practice. It might be specially interesting if you are considering moving forward into deepening your Focusing experience and if you are in the process of becoming a Focusing practitioner or Teacher or thinking about it.
Focusing shows us a radical and authentic way of listening to our bodies with gentle and generous compassion, without seeking results or solutions. This path also pursues what we cannot express in words. It supports individuals to find their own natural way for a healthy and meaningful inner relationship so they can find a deeper sense of who they truly are when meeting others and the environments they live in.
It is specially important more and more in our lives to access to what is there within our own inner knowing and wisdom so we can find ways together as we meet life as it is.
During this retreat we are going to enter into the depth of experiencing the living process as a whole body experiencing. Sensing and perceiving our ecology from within and how it changes in contact with the environment.
An opportunity to recover and remember how to listen to our body to connect with the deep wisdom it contains and dialogue with it.
We will create a space for sacred listening, unfolding the necessary attitudes to find a deeper way of relating to ourselves and to others.


  • Inner silence & Being able to listen to the whole body
  • Focusing Steps – gently sensing them coming with our experience
  • Radical and sacred Listening
  • Pausing and the Felt Sense
  • Sacred presencing – Healing space in companioning
  • Community a waterfall unfolding

We will have moments to share Qi Gong, meditation, nature walks and personal or community time with the environment.

The training and retreat will be facilitated by Marta Fabregat, Focusing Coordinator and Mentor, Teacher and Practitioner from the International Focusing Institute in New York and the British Focusing Association. Marta ́s interest in the body knowing and somatic experiencing while in relationship with oneself, others and nature has been the focus of her work for over 20 years.

Food and accommodation:

‘The retreat will be held in Koyevi – Olimpos country house in Antalya, Turkey.’

It’s a perfect spot for a quiet rest and a splash in the sea from one of the small pebbly beaches. Olympos is a destination never dropped off the map owing to the special nature and history it has. Green, history and sea beautifully conglomerates… You can enjoy having a natural bath after the sea with the natural spring water beside the ruins.

Ultimately, each kind of food is prepared by Gülüstan’s special endeavor in the kitchen to tune up the oil, spices and all flavors harmoniously and Ibrahim’s contribution to it by choosing best vegetables in the bazaar. As a result, you will be addicted to your serotonin hormone with all those organic, fresh foods prepared with diligence.

Vegetarian and non vegetarian foods served.

Visiting Turkey while on the retreat:

We would be happy to support you to make your stay in South Turkey longer and visit some of the beautiful sites and natural gems from the area.

How to get there:

There are many airlines that flight to Turkey, specially to the South, Turkish airways and ryanair among others. Please ask for support if you need it.
You can use this opportunity to make your stay a little longer and visit the any beautiful areas of Turkey.

Flying to the area: There are flights from most European cities to south Turkey ( Antalya is a quite popular destination ), you can also find flights to Istanbul and a local flight to Antalya from there if you want to spend sometime in Istanbul. Shuttle busses and taxis to the retreat place are available and we can support you to organise it.


May 16th – 17th – 18th – 19th, 2024 Olympos Village House / Antalya

Price varies depending on 2, 3 or 4 people sharing:

  • Room sharing: From €150 to €250 + €250 for training fee = €400 – €500
  • Single room: €300 + €250 for training fee = €550.

The fee includes retreat, accommodation and three meals per day, as well as tea & coffee service for 3 full days. You will arrive on Thursday evening and departure on Sunday afternoon after lunch.

For bookings and more information:

Booking Form here

Marta Fabregat:

 Phone: 353 8720317

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