Family restorative mediation

Are you wondering if there is a way of connecting deeper and more authentically with your own family?

Do you find yourself in pain from past family events and patterns that keep repeating within your ways of relating as a family?

Would you like to be able to grow alongside your children and/or parents in a way that heals the past and embraces a new beginning as a family?

This is a very courageous step to take, to ask your children or your parents to open up towards healing, listening, and transforming habits and family dynamics.

Family Healing Mediation can take time and the process I support you with is based on my own experience as a mediator, integrating focusing and NVC as well as a wholehearted listening approach.

If you are interested I can share more information on how this is facilitated.

Couple Mediation

When I speak of couple accompaniment it can be any type of couple relationship (friendship, working partners, married couples, couples cohabiting, any type of relationship where there are two people involved, whatever their relationship.

Communication is at the core of who we are as humans. Humans are capable of talking and reasoning and connecting events through thought processes, the feelings associated with events, our felt experience and implied knowledge of it, and our needs within the context of what happens.

We often step out of that ability we intrinsically possess and get lost in a tangle of confusion when in a relationship with others.

Sometimes the relationship has come to a halt, maybe a dead end, or perhaps to a place of vacuum or emptiness. This crisis allows us to restore, repair, and thrive individually within that relationship. In all of these situations we often feel despair because there is an inherent drive within us to find a way to move forward within the collective (relationship).

Whether you are interested in just creating a safe space to be heard by one another, to restore a healthy co-existence, or to break the bond that ties you together, couple accompaniment can support your process from a place of ease and authentic relating.

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