Friendly Listening – Part 1

The beginning of this article is inspired by a conversation with a friend sharing implied knowing, invisible smiles, and time without a chronometer.
This friend told me…”I have friends who are in the club who tell me to do this…and to do it now, and I have other friends who are in the club that tell me to do that, continue like this, in the end, you will get it¨.

…and I breathe, I pause and breathe deeply as she continues sharing with me her story, her inner harmony at this moment.

Suddenly I realize that I don’t belong to any particular club of friends…and that what moves me is simply listening and being there with her, just as it is at this moment…essentially there, nothing more. Without wanting to do anything or find a solution for her, without worrying or wanting to offer something she could do because I think I know something else that could benefit her at this time…

… I laugh with her, just as she feels it with every detail…, I feel how it is to live from there, from that feeling, from that place she is transiting, from her own drift, her personal edge with all that is there. With everything that she has to interact with to be there. And the truth is that this is a joy, and also a great rest, a resonance that changes me and offers me another facet with possibilities of what it is like to be there and how it can be living from that place.

Then at some point in the time, we are together, I share something about an event in my life in which until now I realize that no one had listened to me like that, from an ordinary and natural place of friendship.

I tell the story to her and she is there, without confronting my position, without saying or adding anything that I haven’t said, without wanting to give me another opinion or be the devil’s advocate, because she feels that if she challenges me I will be forced to learn something …or because she thinks she knows something that can help me. But No!
She simply is there and feels me from her own skin how that was for me, my life, and my soul. And for a moment that simplicity, without the pretense of doing anything spiritual or wanting to offer something for healing. That being there offers a gift that emerges from simple friendly listening.
A change emerges, an inner breath that is needed so that everything that is there continues its organic evolution without intervention, without judgment… then something new is ready to be born. Some comfortable conditions have been established for that something in me.

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